• Cross-Channel Risk Certificate

    The series has been rescheduled to begin May 24, don't miss out as it will only be offered once in 2018.
  • Third-Party Sender Roundtable

    The roundtable is on March 7; there's still time to register!

    A forum for discussion of payment and regulatory issues impacting third-party senders, third-party processors and their financial institutions.
  • Cross-Channel Risk Network Certificate

    Webinars begin March 13 2018 and this certificate is only being offered once in 2018
  • Emerging Payments Task Force

    Seeking member candidates.

    Deadline to nominate or submit interest is February 23, 2018
  • Congratulations New AAP's!!!

    Today is AAP Recognition Day, join us in congratulating WesPay's newest AAP's!
  • Two New WesPay Podcasts!

    2018 Government Update includes, Bill Sullivan, Senior Director of Government and Industry Relations at NACHA, providing a 2018 Government Update and letting members know what’s happening on the hill. 

    Cannabis Banking Industry - our very own Jim Petkovits had the opportunity to interview Alan Hanson, Senior Attorney with the Emerge Law Group, who discussed the Cannabis Banking Industry. This was a fascinating and eye-opening discussion!
  • Same Day ACH Request for Information

    NACHA Request for Comment on Expanding Same Day ACH

    NACHA released a Request for Comment (RFC) and Request for Information (RFI) on proposed rules to expand Same Day ACH. The deadline for providing comments on the RFC proposals was January 26, 2018. Responses to the RFI to explore industry interest on ACH Processing on Weekends and Holidays are requested by Friday, February 23, 2018

    Responses are encouraged from all ACH Network participants and interested parties. Organizations are encouraged to gather and provide feedback on all aspects of the proposals, including any that have impact beyond ACH operations and product management, such as wire operations, and liquidity and reserve management.

    Documentation and Comment Process
    WesPay invites you, if you have not already, to review the materials and respond to the ACH Participant Survey, questions 48 to 59, for the RFI by the deadline of Friday, February 23, 2018. WesPay asks that when submitting your survey response by email, to please copy This will allow us to incorporate direct member feedback when preparing our response to NACHA on behalf of our membership.

    This Request for Information consists of three documents:

    Overview of Proposals (PDF)
    "Expanding Same Day ACH" Presentation (PDF) – RFI begins on slide 33
    Participant Survey (Word) – RFI begins on page 15 with question #48

    You can also download a zip file of all the documents.

    These are important posed questions for potential changes to the ACH Network and your feedback as an ACH Network Participant is important. Please provide copies of your response to WesPay at Members having questions about the proposal are welcome to call our Payments Hotline at (800) 977-0018 or (415) 373-1200.
  • WesPay's Press Release

    WesPay launches Emerging Payments Task Force and seeks member participants!
  • Same Day ACH Request for Comment

    Your feedback is important! NACHA has released a Request for Comment (RFC) on proposed rules to expand Same Day ACH. They are accepting comments on proposals to amend the NACHA Operating Rules through Friday, January 26, 2018.  Click below to access a recording and presentation from the Dec. 20 webinar to review the RFC/RFI.